How to unfreeze a frozen Samsung Galaxy A5 (easy steps)

A freezing issue in all variants of android devices is common and a lot of users have been complaining about it. Even how powerful your device is, there is still a chance that this type of problem will occur every now and then. One of the reasons that freezing issue is happening is when the

How to fix Galaxy A5 battery drain issues [troubleshooting guide]

One of the common problems of Android users is battery drain. In today’s troubleshooting article, we deal with this issue. We also include two #GalaxyA5 scenarios submitted to us by some members of our community. We hope you’ll find this post helpful. Problem #1: How to fix Galaxy A5 battery drain issues [troubleshooting guide] I

How to fix Galaxy A5 random moisture detected error

Today’s article will address random moisture detected error on Galaxy A5. We include a typical sample case below so if you encounter a similar problem on your A5, follow our solutions below. Problem: Galaxy A5 keeps showing moisture detected error Hi! I got the Samsung A5 about a year ago and I never seemed to