galaxy a10 mobile hotspot not working

Samsung Galaxy A10 mobile hotspot not working. Here’s the fix.

Android devices, or any smartphone for that matter, can share their Internet connection with other devices. Thanks to the mobile hotspot service, you can turn your phone into a portable WiFi hotspot. What you need is an active mobile data connection to get this service working. That’s right! You will only be able to share

Messages closes before a text is sent on Galaxy A10

Texting problems are common regardless of the brand and model of your smartphone. However, some owners of the Galaxy A10 have a different issue as the default texting app called Messages reportedly started to crash just before a text message is sent. The said problem started to occur after the recent update for the device.

My Samsung Galaxy A10 is not charging. Here’s the fix.

Despite being mid-range device, the Samsung Galaxy A10 actually has some impressive hardware specs and Samsung has proven it could dominate the highs and lows of the Android market. But just like any great phone, the Galaxy A10 is not free of issues and errors. In fact, some of our readers that own this device

How to fix a Samsung Galaxy A10 that keeps freezing

While the Samsung Galaxy A10 is an entry-level device, it should still work without a hitch as long as everything in it is working properly. However, there are owners who’ve been complaining recently because the device reportedly keeps freezing for some reason. When it happens, they may lose control over the device as it will

How to fix Samsung Galaxy A10 that can’t make phone calls

Making and receiving phone calls are among the most basic functions or a mobile phone. A smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy A10 should not have any issues doing these things provided that all prerequisites are met. For instance, your account should be in good standing and that you’re in an area where your phone gets

Samsung Galaxy A10 has become so slow and sluggish. Here’s the fix.

While the Samsung Galaxy A10 is an entry-level device, it’s actually pretty impressive for its category. Needless to say, it should work without a hitch as long as everything is working properly. However, some owners have reported that their device started to become slow and sluggish. There were those who said that the problem occurred

Samsung Galaxy A10 shows ‘Facebook keeps stopping’ error

Some owners of the Samsung Galaxy A10 have reported to be getting the error ‘Facebook keeps stopping’ when they open the app. This means that Facebook has crashed for some reason and could no longer continue running. Most of the time, this is just an issue with the app but considering the fact that Facebook

Lenovo Announces 4 New “A” Series Android Tablets

Lenovo is expanding its A-Series Android tablets by announcing 4 new models that will be released second quarter of this year. The models in this series are best known as entry level tablets offering consumers an affordable way to enjoy watching videos, listening to music, and running their favorite apps. Soon to join this lineup