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A Virus Named Tom coming to Vita PlayStation Mobile this summer

A Virus Named Tom coming to Vita, PlayStation Mobile this summer

A Virus Named Tom for PS Vita

A Virus Named Tom for PS Vita

If you are into games with a lot of action, mad scientists, evil powers, robots, viruses, and more, you are for sure going to love A Virus Named Tom. The game revolves around a Dr. X who is so brilliant that he has created a perfect place, like a dream, where there is no traffic and where dogs do not poop. But unfortunately, “hell hath no fury like a mad scientist fired by a giant corporation.”

The game in a very unique action game with a lot of puzzles built into it. The game is also very engaging and consuming, the game play is just awesome. And since you will be taking control of a virus, the game is going to become interesting at a completely different level.

The game, A Virus Named Tom, was a personal computer only game till just a few days back. The company behind the games, Misfits Attic, have decided to develop a Play Station Vita and Play Station Mobile based versions of the game as well. But of course, that is going to take some time and is not available right now.

But since you are interested in the game, you would be happy to know that the Steam version of the game is going on sale till the 22nd of this month, the Friday. So if you can hurry, you can still buy the game. An even better news is that the Steam version of the game is having a 50% off right now and the game is available for $4.99, and if you need the version with the soundtrack in it, you will have to pay a dollar extra at $5.9 9 for the game.

If you want more, there are extra content overloads for the game, for example, the Winter Wonderland. Even though this comes for free, there is the soundtrack bundled with this, which costs you $1.49 after the discount. So you will have to shell out $1.49 for the Winter Wonderland with the soundtrack. Best option, but the game without the soundtrack and then buy the overload. More info here.