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32GB Google Nexus 7 rumors build up as iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface launch events near

A UK retailer recently advertised a 32GB Google Nexus 7 and everybody knows it is almost as true as it may seem, though it still remains a mystery considering Google hasn’t released an official statement confirming such plan yet. The reported variant is said to be offered for£199.99 or around US$323 and was built by ASUS. This same rumor is also being circulated in tech communities in the US and after all those reports, it is easier to believe that the search titan is planning to hijack Apple iPad Mini’s sales by releasing a newer variant of its flagship.

As the buzz about the 32GB Google Nexus 7 tablets builds up, new rumors sprung suggesting a much cheaper Nexus device would also be hitting the US market in the fourth quarter. Google is allegedly working with a Taiwan-based manufacturer, Quanta, to produce a 99-dollar, low-end tablet. So, if these reports were true, there could be at least, two Nexus-branded devices that would be released before the holidays.

Google’s current Nexus 7 device has 8GB or 16GB options. If it were to pose a competition against Apple, releasing a 32GB variant is a logical step. However, to attract the people who might be looking for devices to serve as presents, the $99 Nexus would surely do the job well. Needless to say, Google wants to cover a huge portion of the tablet market as much as possible.

Apple is expected to introduce iPad Mini on October 23rd during a special media event in San Jose. According to reports, the device would cost around $499 to match its low-budget Android counterparts. Apparently, the company is going a bit lower just to attract tech enthusiasts and Apple fans that may be on a tight budget during the holidays. It also shows that big companies couldn’t just neglect the possibility of earning more before the year ends.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is also getting ready for the debut of its first branded tablet, Microsoft Surface. It has been confirmed that the software giant would be offering its device starting $499, a price that’s often seen by many as a bit steeper than what was expected. But make no mistake, it seems like people are getting too curious about it that the supply falls short since Microsoft starts offering pre-orders a few days ago.

There is a war going on between these companies and it’s a good sign because as competition becomes stiff for them, consumers are the ones that would benefit from it. So, basically, we will have several options to choose from as far as tablet computers are concerned. To recap, both Apple and Microsoft will hold big media events this month to possibly announce their new device. On the other hand, Google has yet to issue a statement regarding the 32GB Google Nexus 7 and the rumored $99 Nexus to be built by Quanta.

Let’s wait and see if other manufacturers like Asus, Acer, HP, etc. will reveal new devices in the following weeks. Usually, it is this time of the year when manufacturers tell the people they have something in store for the holidays.


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Google to offer Quanta-built $99 Nexus in the US in Q4

Recent report suggests that Google may be working closely with Quanta Computer Inc, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of notebook computers and electronic hardware, to build a cheaper tablet that the search giant would call Nexus. If reports were true, it would hit the U.S. shores in the fourth quarter in a bid to beat the competition during the holidays.

DigiTimes, a website dedicated to publishing latest news and updates in technology, reported yesterday that Google will employ Quanta’s manufacturing services to build the next Google Nexus. While it may sound a little bit amazing to own a Nexus device for less than a hundred dollars, something has to give in and in this case it’s the specs.

In the report, it was stated that Quanta will be using an ARM-based chipset with single-core processor from WonderMedia Technologies, a China-based semiconductor company. The display panel—HUVA TN—will reportedly be coming from Taiwan’s HannStar Display. So, for $99 you really cannot expect to get at least, a dual-core processor or a better display. If this were to become a reality, it still has unforeseen outcome.

Sure, it is easier to sell a Google-branded Nexus device but people who are into finding devices with impressive specs will never spend hundred bucks for it. It is easier to see where Google is coming from and why it has to build a device with low specs but people, especially Android users, are used to seeing devices with impressive specifications. So, if this device will be released, it would create a negative impact on Google’s reputation as one of Apple’s fierce competitors.

On the other hand, Asus already made it clear that it will not build a tablet that would be marketed for $99 and it is obviously because the company couldn’t gain good profit from it. While this story sounds logical and legit, it must be taken with a grain of salt. Let’s just wait what Google and Quanta have to say about it. For now, neither made official comments regarding this development.

[source: DigiTimes]