ZTE Apollo could be the first 64-bit Android handset

All the renowned mobile chip makers like Intel and Qualcomm are now launching their new range of 64-bit processors. This in turn means that we might soon get to see devices running these processors, with Google bringing support for these processors natively in the coming days. A Chinese media report now claims that the ZTE

Intel Releases Android 4.4.2 KitKat For Its 64-bit Processors

The Android platform usually runs on ARM-based chips however this isn’t stopping Intel from developing a solution to let this operating system run on its processors. The company even has its “Android on Intel Platforms” project that develops Android images and tools for the Intel processors. Right now the company has released a new build

Samsung will launch its 64-bit chips later this year

According to Kyushik Hong, who is the VP of marketing for Samsung’s system LSI unit, the company’s 64-bit mobile chips are coming later this year. It was widely believed that Samsung would launch its first 64-bit chip with the Galaxy S5, but sadly that wasn’t the case. Instead the company only announced a new hexa-core

Marvell Unveils Armada PXA1928 64-bit SoC For Mobile Devices

This year, consumers will be seeing a lot of mobile devices that will be using 64-bit chips instead of 32-bit ones. One advantage of the former over the latter is that it can fetch twice as many bits with a tick of the processor clock making it perform computing tasks faster. It can also support

Top five reasons why Samsung’s Galaxy S5 can’t please us all

It’s almost here. Yet there’s still so much about it we don’t know. Or rather, we’re unsure of. At least two primary Samsung Galaxy S5 versions (not counting sub-varieties like the Zoom or Mini) will presumably roll out at some point, but no one’s certain if both the “Standard” and “Prime” are due for announcements


ASUS tablet with Intel’s 64bit chipset leaked through AnTuTu

AnTuTu has revealed the existence of another new device today and this time it’s an ASUS tablet. But unlike any other device leaks, this one here is a bit interesting as it appears to pack Intel’s much anticipated 64-bit Bay Trail chipset. Back in November, it was reported that tablets with the said chipset could

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Intel to start making quad core 64 bit ARM chips from 2014

According to a new report emerging out of the Wall Street Journal, Intel will be launching 64 bit ARM processors next year. Intel previously was limited to making x86 chips, so the fact that it will be working with ARM chips is big news indeed. While these new processors won’t venture into the mobile business

Apple A7

Qualcomm takes a jab at Apple’s 64-bit A7 chip

Apple recently announced the first ever 64-bit mobile processor with the new A7 chipset, which has been widely discussed for over a month. And now one of the prominent chip manufacturers in the world, Qualcomm, has a thing or two to say about Apple’s recent accomplishment. According to Qualcomm, the A7 is nothing but a

Samsung 64 bit

Samsung almost ready with its 64 bit Exynos chipset

A report from Korea has indicated that Samsung‘s 64 bit chipset could be in the final stages of its development. The report further claims that a few Samsung tablets in the future will pack this chipset with eight CPU cores capable of running at decent clock speeds. Hopefully, this chipset will be able to handle

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Samsung will also launch a 64 bit processor soon

After Apple announced the new 64 bit A7 chip for the iPhone 5s, we were left wondering if Android OEMs would follow suit. And it seems like Samsung will be the first to do so. The chief of Samsung Mobile Shin Jong-kyun gave out the info, although he clarified that it might take a while