When is 5G Coming To South Korea?

South Korea has been ahead of most of the world in areas of technology. That said, telecom providers in South Korea have been offering 5G wireless networks since 2018. But, they do have a slightly similar problem as other providers around the world — there are only select consumers that have access to it, again,


When is 5G Coming To The UK?

Telecom providers all over the world are racing to upgrade into 5G wireless networks. 4G and LTE have been the prevalent networks for the last few years, but now telecom providers, armed with the correct wireless spectrum after accepted bids, are ready to start launching 5G worldwide. Rollouts already began in mid-2019, but official 5G


When Is 5G Coming To China?

5G is the new wireless frequency that’s being rolled out worldwide. Most of the world is running on 4G and 4G LTE, and so, just about the world as a whole is working on infrastructure to move over to 5G networks — Canada, the United States, Australia, and even China. China actually might be one

Will 5G WiFi Replace Cable Internet?

5G spectrum is almost here, with major telecom providers nationwide planning on launching their telecom networks nationwide by early 2020. Most telecom companies in the United States will offer some 5G connection by the end of the year. 5G promises some serious advancements in download and upload speeds, but also improvements to latency and ping.

5G router

5G and 5 GHz WiFi — What’s The Difference?

Mobile 5G technology is finally here, and that naturally brings up a few questions — is 5G technology the same as the 5 GHz WiFi that we’ve already had for years now? Not really. The most significant similarity is that both are wireless technologies; however, they do share a couple of features but are still

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Where around the world can you get 5G right now?

Everyone is excited about 5G networking and how it’s going to change our mobile world. There are promises of faster downloading speeds, fast uploading speeds, and much, much better latency and ping rates. That said, there are so many obstacles that have been in the way of launching 5G technology. The rollout has been extremely


Mobile 5G vs Fixed 5G: What’s The Difference?

5G is on its way, and it’s almost here! Many large telecom providers in the United States are expecting to launch their own 5G networks by early 2020 nationwide, which should cover about 200 million people at launch. That should be for Mobile 5G and Fixed 5G. What’s the difference between the two? There’s a

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Will 5G Internet Replace Cable?

There is tons of excitement surrounding 5G and all of the awesome things that it can do. Mainly, people are excited about the mobile portion of it, bringing even quicker speeds than what LTE was able to do. This means that there will be a better high-definition video, and you’ll be able to move around

Note 10+ 5G Won't Connect To Wi-Fi

When Will AT&T 5G Get Here?

5G has been talked about for a couple of years now, so naturally, you might be wondering where in the world it is? Telecom providers are hard at work rolling out infrastructure for 5G frequencies nationwide, but there are only parts of select cities where the new network is available. And we’re talking big meter

Samsung Galaxy A90 5G Mobile Network Not Available

4 Best 5G Phones In 2020

5G is the next networking technology that is supposed to revolutionize mobile networks. The one “con” that comes with 5G is that most phones aren’t going to be able to support the technology right out of the gate. So, if you want to make sure that you’re able to use the new technology as it’s