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HTC One 5 million sales figure is not official

Just last week we had reported that according to an HTC official, HTC One had crossed the 5 million sales figure. We were quite happy that the company was making progress with their flagship device and 5 million seemed to be a decent figure, especially after the supply shortage issue of the Smartphone.

htc one 5 million

But according to another HTC official, the ‘5 million’ is not the official sales figure. Folks over at ePrice received a response from an HTC official and the official didn’t approve the figure.

The unmade HTC official responded as follows:

“That number comes from the same unnamed source that is referenced throughout the WSJ article. Unfortunately, that isn’t an official figure.”  

So, if 5 million is not the official figure, then what is?

We sincerely hope that it’s greater than 5 million. Cmon, HTC One is probably one of the best devices released in 2013 and the Smartphone deserves something more than 5 million.

But we can’t say anything at the moment and only the folks over at HTC can give us an exact figure.

Samsung Galaxy S4 managed to break the 10 million mark within a month and even though we know that HTC One is nowhere close to this figure, we hope that the sales speed up once the company solves the shortage issue.