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Sprint adding 4 new devices to its 4G LTE fleet

As an effort to stick to its commitment, Sprint is trying to deliver the best 4G LTE experience combined with the value of Truly Unlimited data on smartphones. If you’ve been tracking this blog, we had written about scarcity of iPhone 5 in the U.S. and how Sprint iPhone 5 were still available to be

Virgin Mobile Announces 4G With HTC Evo V 4G May 31

As originally tipped here, to the world, by Thedroidguy last summer, Sprint has shifted their 4G WiMax network to their prepaid brands, Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile. Virgin Mobile USA will introduce 4G speeds to their prepaid customers on May 31st with the introduction of the HTC Evo V 4G. The new HTC Evo V

HTC And Verizon Announce The DROID Incredible 4G At CTIA

HTC and Verizon’s Incredible 4G has been leaked for quite a while now from pictures to specs, and today at CTIA in New Orleans the device was finally announced officially. The DROID Incredible series has been going strong on Verizon for a while now, and they have stayed true to the form factor with the

Verizon Employees Pushing Android Over iPhone, Here’s Why

A CNN Money report over the weekend has really got the interwebs chatting about iPhone vs Android and why in the world Verizon Wireless is back to hawking Android first. It was almost three years ago that Verizon Wireless and Motorola teamed up for the original Motorola Droid. With all the marketing, fanfare and promotions

HTC One X Now Available From AT&T

One of the best Android phones we’ve seen in a while is the brand new HTC One X. We’ve had it in our office for about two weeks now and we’ll have a complete review shortly. Early on we can tell you that the screen is absolutely brilliant. The phone is very light and feels

HTC One X For AT&T Only 16gb Internal Memory?

Anthanasios Zarkadas over at discovered something else about the HTC One X that is headed to AT&T that may turn people away. We were clearly told that the One X at AT&T would have a Qualcomm S4 processor and not the Nvidia Tegra 3.  As Zarkadas points out, that of course also means that

CM9 Port Available For International HTC One X

Now we’re well aware that there are review units, demos and beta testers for the HTC One X just about everywhere. AT&T is preparing to launch the device shortly so a lot of people have them already. But today our friends at Androidspin, by way of AndroidCommunity are reporting that CyanogenMod 9 (CM9) has been

HTC Evo 4G LTE Could Arrive May 18th

We could make the argument that the HTC Evo 4G LTE could come any day in May or June, or heck even July. However the fine people at have reported that the HTC Evo 4G LTE will arrive on May 18th. Like every site in the world, they are citing a reliable source. What