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Verizon Wireless Rolls Out Chicken Soup December 5th (LTE)

Yes you heard it right Verizon Wireless is kicking off their 4G LTE campaign this Sunday with 38 Cities across the country.  According to Verizon Wireless’ Tony Melone on a conference call with reporters (thedroidguy included), Verizon’s LTE Chicken Soup will cover most of the I95 Corridor and most major cities from coast to coast.

Samsung Mobile Teams With Cellular South to deploy LTE Network

Mississippi based regional carrier, Cellular South, has teamed up with Samsung Mobile to deploy an LTE network for their customers. Cellular South is the largest independently owned wireless carrier in the country.  Samsung Mobile is the number 1 provider of mobile devices in the US. Cellular South will be using Samsung’s LTE Network equipment to

T-Mobile boasts 200Million Pops on 4G Network

A mere hours before T-Mobile debuts their newest handset optimized for their HSPA+ “4G” network, the MyTouch 4G, they have lit up a bunch more markets bringing their total pops for “4G” to over 200 million. Quickly, in case you didn’t know, the difference between sub and pop is this: A sub is a subscriber,

Sprint lights up New York’s Wimax network

Sticking to their word Sprint has officially launched “Wi-Max” service in the New York metropolitan area. “Wi-Max” is referred to by Sprint and partner Clearwire as “4G” despite not reaching speeds of 100mbps, the “4G” standard set by the ITU-R, and reinforced by the organizations standards board late last month. Regardless of the actual name,

No 4G For Anyone thus far! According to the ITU-R

How is that for a sensationalistic headline?  Please don’t get this twisted, all 4 major carriers are either in the process of implementing some kind of newer, faster network called “4G” or “4G Speeds” however the  International Telecommunications Union Radiocommunication has denounced both “Wimax”, the 4G carried by Sprint and Clear, and LTE, the next

Verizon to Launch LTE in 38 Major Markets By End of Year

San Fransisco, Ca CTIA Applications and Enterprise 2010 Verizon Press Conference – Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell C. McAdam took the stage and laid out the his companies LTE (Long Term Evolution).  Verizon is planning to light up it’s LTE network to 110 million Americans, by the end of the year.  This is no soft launch;

"4G" – what's in a name?

I will never forget the first time a buzzword set wrong with me. During a budget meeting, while describing a new billing solution to the owner of the company, he blinked a few times, looked up from the paper I had given him and asked “Would this be any cheaper to deploy if it were

Roadmap spies Motorola Android Tablet

Earlier today some information surfaced regarding an Android tablet from Motorola. Our sources at Verizon and Motorola weren’t able to confirm or deny anything, but here’s what we found! “Stingray” – The rumored name of the Motorola Tablet coming to Verizon.  What seems to be certain is this will be a 10” tablet.  My search

T-Mobile Expands 4G/HSPA + Coverage

T-Mobile has announced that is has expanded it’s HSPA+ Coverage to 85 Million pops. Until recently when people talked about “4G” they didn’t include T-Mobile in the mix, although since about April/May of 2010 I personally noticed a huge improvement in T-Mobile’s signal strength and download/upload times when visiting New York City, one of the

Amazing 4G Summit in California

Over the past two days some of the bigger players in the 4G wireless industry converged together in the Bay Area for the World Wireless Congress’ 4G Summit. As Willie W. Lu, PHD , Professor at Stanford University and Panelist on several of the most influential panels on emerging technologies across the globe said, that