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T-Mobile could be doing away with unlimited data gradually

Unlimited data isn’t a very lucrative offering for carriers. T-Mobile seems to be feeling the punch now as it has mentioned that it will slowly move away from unlimited data plans. It has already made this an unattractive proposition for many by increasing prices once per year for the past two years. The company CFO, Braxton

[Deal] BLU Life One 4G LTE handset for $99.99

#Amazon is offering the #BLU #LifeOne 4G LTE handset for a miserly $99.99. This makes it one of the cheapest LTE offerings available in the market. For those unaware, BLU is a Florida based manufacturer that specializes in mid-range and budget devices. With a flurry of devices already in the markets, the company has made

[Deal] BLU Life One 4G LTE handset up for grabs at $99.99

Budget handsets are commonplace this time of the year. Amazon is now running a very good promotion on one of BLU’s budget offerings, the Life One 4G LTE. This handset usually costs $149.99, but can now be yours for just $99.99. The smartphone offered here is the 1GB RAM + 8GB storage variant, which is

Google Project Fi

Project Fi gains support for data-only devices

Google’s #ProjectFi hasn’t been a resounding success so far, but there’s no denying that it has managed to strike a chord with plenty of users out there. Given that the service is only limited to devices like the #Nexus6, #Nexus5X and the #Nexus6P, only a handful of users are able to access the service at the

Verizon 1GB Holiday

Verizon will now let you gift 1GB of data to your contacts for $10

#VerizonWireless has just announced a new promotion that lets its subscribers gift 1GB of data to their loved ones for just $10. This promo can be found on the Verizon Messenger app under the eGifts section as well as the company’s official website. The charge will be billed to your Verizon account, so there won’t

New report crowns T-Mobile the best overall U.S. carrier

There has been much debate as to which carrier is the best in the U.S. While in terms of numbers, #Verizon and AT&T rule the roost, there’s no denying that #TMobile is one of the most popular networks in the U.S. with numbers growing at a rapid pace. A new grades chart compiled by popular site Tom’s

AT&T now throttling Unlimited Data after 22GB

Although AT&T doesn’t offer #UnlimitedData to new customers anymore, those who had it beforehand are still able to use it. However, as the time passed, AT&T started throttling data speeds of these users after just 5GB had been used. The good news now is that the carrier has raised the cap to 22GB, which is more than

Verizon announces 18GB XXL data plan for $100

#Verizon has various tiers of data plans, known as small, medium, large and so on. The carrier has now announced a new XXL plan which comes with 18GB of sharable data with a price of $100/month. That’s quite competitive compared to what rival carriers are currently offering. T-Mobile however offers 18GB of unlimited data for $70/month,


T-Mobile adjudged to be the fastest mobile network in the U.S.

A new report from the Ookla owned Speedtest suggests that T-Mobile offers the best data speeds in the U.S. It was revealed that the carrier offers 19.62 Mbps down and 9.90 Mbps up on an average in the U.S. while Verizon offers 18.52 and 7.27 Mbps respectively. This would count as yet another feather in T-Mobile’s kitty