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T-Mobile Launching HSPA+ 42 Service In 47 Markets Today

Earlier in the week we reported that Verizon Wireless turned activated their 4G/LTE service in 19 new markets.  Today T-Mobile has announced that they have upgraded 47 of their markets to the new HSPA+ 42 service. T-Mobile has recorded average speeds of 10mbps with peak speeds as high as 27mbps downloading on their T-Mobile Rocket

T-Mobile Double’s 4G Speed In 50 Markets

T-Mobile is still pushing on strong as if nothing is going on behind them. If they do end up getting acquired by AT&T they are going down in a big fiery ball of 4G glory. America’s largest 4G network is now twice as fast in 50 markets. T-Mobile has switched on the 42mbps HSPA+ portion