Recording Calls and Getting Unlimited Cloud Storage in Galaxy S3

Solution to a Samsung Galaxy S3 Not Receiving Calls

Is your Samsung Galaxy S3 not receiving calls similar to the problem which was sent to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag, which reads, “My Samsung Galaxy S3 is not receiving calls. I get everything else but it does not even show that I received a call. I do get voice mail and text messages

Verizon Logo

Verizon preparing to transition customers from 3G to 4G LTE networks

Verizon has already taken necessary measures to ensure that customers from 3G networks switch to the faster and more efficient 4G LTE networks. It now seems like the carrier will put its plans to fruition very soon as some 3G regions are now being transitioned into LTE areas. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Verizon is

How to Choose a Smartphone Guide Connectivity

How to Choose a Smartphone Guide: Connectivity

So far, we have tackled the topics about how to choose a Smartphone processor, storage options and display in the following series of articles: How to Choose a Smartphone Guide: Processor How to Choose a Smartphone Guide: Storage Options How to Choose a Smartphone Guide: Display How to Choose a Smartphone Guide: Operating System How

Nexus 7 3G Now Available On Three UK

  Three UK has just announced that they are now carrying the HSPA version of Google’s Nexus 7. Starting today, consumers can head on over to Three retail stores to pick up Google’s ASUS-manufactured Nexus 7 tablet. At the time of this writing, the HSPA Nexus 7 can not be found on Three’s website, but

AdBlock Plus Now Available On The Play Store

You may have ads blocked on your computer through AdBlock Plus, but what about your mobile browsing? AdBlock Plus is an extremely popular ad blocking tool for browsers, which has now made its way over onto the Android platform. This is an official app, not a third-party one too. If you’ve tried to grab an

3G HSPA+ Nexus 7 With 32GB Of Storage Announced

The past couple of weeks we have been seeing a lot of different rumors and leaks about a 32GB Nexus 7 along with a few hints concerning a Nexus 7 with 3G cellular data capabilities. Today we have seen that a 32GB Nexus 7 has been unveiled after weeks of constant rumors. In the midst of

Sprint Ends Unlimited Data Except For Smartphones

Sprint has made a bold move by announcing that effective November 1, 2011 they are eliminating unlimited 4G data for hotspots, usb sticks and other mobile broadband devices. However they want to make sure that everyone knows right now they aren’t changing anything with unlimited data for smartphones.   More after the break

Sprint’s New Ad Campaign Touts Truly Unlimited, Unlimited

When Verizon Wireless switched to tiered data on July 7th we knew it was a matter of time before one of the other wireless carriers jumped on them.  The problem is AT&T couldn’t because, like Verizon Wireless, they too offer tiered data.  T-Mobile may try to pass off a poke at Verizon however they have

AT&T: Tethering Without Permission, Pay Up Or We’ll Make You

AT&T has started informing it’s customers that they are cracking down on unauthorized tethering via jail broken iPhones and rooted Android devices. AT&T has noticed usage patterns in some of their unlimited data plan users that suggests these users are tethering their phones without paying the $45 data plan which includes tethering.  AT&T has begun

Verizon: HTC Thunderbolt Hotspot Works and So Does Talk & Data on 3G

One of the hottest stories over the weekend was that an internal Verion document suggested that Verizon was holding back the Mobile Hotspot feature and Skype video on the upcoming HTC Thunderbolt. However Verizon did an about face this morning that was discovered in a leaked internal memo that Droid Life and Engadget picked up.

Walmart offering best deal for mobile data

Say it ain’t so Sam! The cost conscious behemoth giant Walmart is teaming up with Virgin Mobile to offer the biggest data bang for your buck. Virgin Mobile, one of Sprint’s low cost prepaid services (the other is Boost Mobile) currently offers $40/mo for unlimited data and $10/mo for 100mb. Now for the cost conscious

Cricket Adds Nationwide 3G Coverage

Earlier this month at CTIA, Kyle and I sat down with Matt Stoiber VP/GM Device Development for Cricket Wireless.  While we were there he brought out the Huawei Ascend.  He also told us that they were getting ready to announce a nationwide 3G roaming agreement.  He did not share any more than that, just that

"4G" – what's in a name?

I will never forget the first time a buzzword set wrong with me. During a budget meeting, while describing a new billing solution to the owner of the company, he blinked a few times, looked up from the paper I had given him and asked “Would this be any cheaper to deploy if it were

The return of Notion's Android tablet!

Let’s face it – the existing Android tablet market is shallow at best. I’m surrounded by handheld “tablets” with no market access, and barely an acceptable screen. Aside from that, their delivery ad sales methods rage from bizarre to non-existent (i know eveyone here was thinking “K-MART??? REALLY?”) and the only thin we have to

Can you live without physical storage?

Written by Russell H. Sr. Editor TDG Online The “Cloud”. Oh, that crazy silly ubiquitous concept. Storing your life server-side so you can access it anywhere. It sounds like a dream come true. No more faulty hard drives. No more “a virus took out all of your music”. No more “my movies are on my