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Google’s 3D Touch rivaling software has apparently been delayed

3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus is perhaps the most attractive feature we’ve seen on a flagship in recent memory. There was some talk that #Google will be introducing software support for this particular feature with Android N. A new report is now suggesting that the company has delayed the rollout of

Rumor: Upcoming HTC Nexus to sport a ‘3D Touch’ display

According to a new rumor, the upcoming #Nexus flagship which is said to be coming out of HTC’s sheds will supposedly come with a pressure sensitive display on board, which is known in the Apple ecosystem as ‘3D Touch’, as seen on the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus smartphones. The feature is undoubtedly very

Rumor: Samsung prepping 3D Touch like feature for its phones

Synaptics and #Samsung have been long term partners and have been involved in the touch based fingerprint sensors that’s used on the recent lot of the #Galaxy flagships. With Synaptics recently releasing its new ClearForce tech that can detect pressure levels on a display panel, the rumor mill is rife with speculation that this feature could

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ vs Apple iPhone 6s Plus – specs comparison

Oh, this is so going to piss off the hordes of already insecure, delusional iFans irritatingly navigating the interwebs to find and insult anyone who doesn’t share their distorted world view. Why delusional? Well, because it only takes a modicum of common sense to realize Apple’s “it’s not about specs, it’s the user experience” rhetoric is