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3D Robotics Launches Iris Quadcopter, Controllable Using Android Device

3D Robotics is one of the leading companies that provide unmanned aerial vehicles. Most of their products are for the professional market however their latest quadcopter is targeted for the mass market. Meet the Iris Quadcopter, a uav with full GPS autonomous abilities that works straight out of the box and can be controlled by any Android device.


The Iris Quadcopter can easily be controlled by a smartphone or tablet and has a single button operation for takeoffs and landings. It’s designed to provide the best viewing angle for an attached camera such as the GoPro Hero3 (optional). Crashing this drone won’t be a problem since its arms and legs are impact resistant. If they need to be replaced, it can be done easily with replacement parts available cheaply.

Iris Quadcopter Features

  • Multiple control options provide redundancy and flexibility: RC, computer, phone, tablet
  • Built-in data radio for real-time mission monitoring, data-logging, and control
  • Powerful cross-platform ground station/mission planning and analysis software that runs on Windows, OS X and Linux, providing simple point-and-click programming and configuration
  • Mobile apps allow intuitive “draw a path” mission planning
  • Picatinny rail mounting system integrated in the arms provides painless mounting for future accessories
  • Camera options include a live video link with programmable on-screen-display
  • GoPro compatible camera mount
  • Available with a 9-channel RC transmitter pre-programmed for the most popular flight modes.
  • GPS waypoints
  • Robust arms and feet produced from Zytel Nylon
  • Auto takeoff and landing along with Return-To-Launch point command at the press of a button
  • Follow Me function
  • Geo Fencing provides a virtual box to keep your drone within a user-selectable space
  • Failsafe programming options
  • External micro-USB port
  • Buzzer for audible status and warning messages
  • Safety switch
  • Open source flight code, ground station software and electronics

This product is expected to ship out in the market by September 16 for developer-level users with a base price of $729. A consumer release will follow shortly after.

via 3drobotics