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LG Offers 2D to 3D Converter For Optimus 3D, No Gingerbread Though

If you’re a lucky owner of the LG Optimus 3D than you’ll be happy to know that an update is coming your way.  The bad news is that update isn’t to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the good news is what’s really inside.

The latest update for the LG Optimus 3D is currently available only for the international “open” model and not for the LG Thrill on AT&T.  It updates to version V10k of the LG Optimus 3D firmware.  It’s also not an OTA update, so you’ll need to hook your Optimus 3D up to LG’s proprietary PC software to get the update.

Although it’s not an Android version update, it’s still an update you’ll most likely want, especially if you love 3D gaming.  The update has a 2D to 3D converter. This means that once the update is installed you will have the option to convert 2D games to 3D to play on your Optimus 3D. Unfortunately you’ll still be on Froyo but with the LG Optimus 3D’s UI it’s hard to tell anyway.

source: Pocketnow via phonearena

Sprint’s HTC Evo 3D June 4th?

With Dan Hesse as the keynote speaker at CTIA this past March, Sprint extended the spotlight to two major announcements.  At CTIA Sprint announced the HTC Evo View 4G and the HTC Evo 3D.  The HTC Evo View 4G is Sprint’s version of the HTC Flyer, HTC’s 7″, digital pen enabled Android tablet.  The HTC Evo 3D is the first legitimate follow up to the HTC Evo 4G, one of Sprint’s best selling phones of all time.

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LG Leaks Optimus 3D Video Days Before MWC

It’s no doubt that LG is going to have an amazing year and an amazing showing at MWC.  Yesterday we showed you their Transformers based ad for the LG Optimus Pad, which took a nice big chunky bite out of Apple.  Today through the art of stretching LG shows off the LG Optimus 3D phone.

Of course the 3D in the video itself is simulation but it really got us thinking what great uses a 3D phone combined with a 3D camera on the other end of the video would actually mean…  Especially for someone who travels a lot 😉

Source: Phonearena via Pocketnow