Holiday Gift Guide: Glider Gloves [VIDEO]

By now every Android device has a capacitive touch screen and if you haven’t noticed, capacitive touch screens can be a bit of a problem in cold weather situations. Normal, warm gloves don’t allow you to use your fingers to maneuver about your screens. Companies like Sensoglove and Isotoner have come up with some fashionable

Holiday Gift Guide: Aviiq Portable Charging Station

Statistics show that smartphone owners, and especially Android phone owners are typically inclined to be multiple device people as well. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Android owners are toting around two Android phones (we do know some are though). What it does mean is that Android and smartphone owners are more likely to have a

Holiday Gift Guide: Android Shirts From Andy’s Threads

Andy’s Threads is a new Android apparel design company hailing from Texas.  The designs at Andy’s threads are graphic and eye catching. Their shirt designs remind us of shirts you’d find at Hot Topic. Andy’s Threads is run by Daniel and Meagan Benavides. Some of you may know Daniel as Droid Messenger and Meagan as

Handmade Androids For The Holidays

Lat year, about this time of the year, we published a list of a few good handmade Android products available for the holidays. You can find last years list here and some of those crafters may still have the same items available. Here are some more great handmade Android items for this year. Crocheted Android

Holiday Gift Guide: Speck Products Case For Android

Speck is an innovative company that makes hybrid hard cover cases for computers, smartphones and tablets. We actually use Speck cases on all of our macbooks and other traveling equipment that they are available for because they combine the look, feel and durability of a hard case with the protection of a soft case. Speck

Holiday Gift Guide: The Jabra Supreme

I’m one of those people that can’t stand ear buds. I hate things going in my ear. Ever since I was a kid and had to have my ears checked, I’ve never liked them. Part of it may be from my 20 years in radio with over the ear Sony MDR 7506’s or any other

Holiday Gift Guide: Targus 3 In 1 Stylus

So far we’ve seen two great stylus’ this year, the Bracketron 2 in 1 stylus and now this one by Targus. The Targus 3 in 1 stylus has one more “in 1” that the stylus by Bracketron. What could it be you ask? How about an old fashioned laser pointer. See with the Styli this

Holiday Gift Guide: Plantronics Marque M155 Gets Android

The first thing that we noticed about the Plantronics Marque M155 bluetooth headset is that there is an HTC Desire on the box. An instant win for the Android set. Although many websites said that the background noise on the Plantronics Marque M155 BlueTooth headset was bad, we didn’t seem to think it was any

Accessory Spotlight & Holiday Gift Guide: Cobra Key Tag

Cobra has introduced their new Bluetooth Key Tag device.  If you’re familiar with the Zomm you’re familiar with the concept behind the Keytag device except for one clearly different feature, and that is that it’s two way. Put the Keytag on your keys and if you lose your keys you can find them by using

Holiday Gift Guide: Coloud Colors In Ear Headphones With Mic

Simple, colorful and smart that’s what you get every time you walk into an Ikea store so why should that be any different with Coloud headphones.  Manufactured in Sweden (home to Ikea and Lego), Coloud has released a simple affordable pair of in ear headphones that have a microphone built in for taking calls. These

Holiday Gift Guide: The 420 Watch by Cadence

Cadence watch company is offering up a variety of great designs for hip watch fans.  They have an “8 bit” watch for that super geek on your holiday gift list, and they also have the 420 watch. Whether you’re just looking for the ultimate gag gift, or to reminisce about the old days the 420

Holiday Gift Guide: Bracketron Style-iT 2-in-1 Stylus

Tablets of the Android variety (and iOS variety) are going to find their way under gazillions of Christmas Trees and Chanukah Bushes worldwide this year.  One thing you may be considering is a stylus. Styli were very popular during the original PDA boom. Every palm device came with one and  well, they were really easy