CES Rewind: Huawei Unveils The X-5

When I got my hands  on the Huawei X5 phone the first thing I  noticed is that instead of Huawei running there own skin, they run stock Android. The X-5 Comes with 2.2 however it wont be updated to 2.3. The phone has 3.8 WVGA 800×400 TFT captive touch screen as well has having Swype

Opinion- The real reason for fragmentation in Android

Yes once again the F-word none of us like to hear… Fragmentation in Android… Is it true… yes… we still have devices on 1.6 that are almost a year old… 2.2 is already widely out there and 2.3 SDK is now out, so why are phones coming out with 2.1 still? Why is there so

Intro to Android – Settings

Welcome back to our ongoing series, Introduction to Android. Our purpose is to demonstrate basic features of the Android Operating system for new users. Today I am going to give a brief demonstration of the basic settings for phone. I will show you the access for wireless controls, brightness, volume, etc. and the fastest way

An Android TV to go with my Google TV? Yes Please!

Android devices that are not phones are becoming stuff of legend. Every day it seems I see another random gadget that has been improved with the magic sprinkle of Android. Is it necessary to have an Android Dishwasher? Of course not. Do I want one? Well of course I do! You see how this could

Hands on with the Viewsonic Viewpad!

Sick of tablets yet? Good, so am I. Sick of seeing them and not touching them anyways. IFA has been pleasantly full of new and interesting devices to share with the world. We’ve seen great things from Samsung, Toshiba, Huawei, and now Viewsonic, an American hardware manufacturer, has stepped up to the plate with their

[UPDATE] Huawei summons an Android storm, TDG gets a hands on!

There are a significant amount of Android devices all over the world. Region specific devices make me sad (Samsung: IWANT A US GALAXY BEAM!) but what’s worse are hardware companies that do not even have us phones. Be it they are unwilling or unable, I really like ALL Android devices, and like to play with

Hands on with the Toshiba Folio Tablet!

IFA this year is all about tablets (or whatever they want to call them), and with The Droid Guy digging through all the amazing setups at IFA, we’re showing you some of the Face Time he got with the Toshiba Folio. This isn’t the first time the Folio has made news, but it is definitely the first

Weekly Segment – Intro to Android [Market]

Welcome to Volume 2 of Introduction to Android. Today we are discussing the Android Market, and how to use it. The Android Market is one of the most powerful tools in the OS, so it’s important to be able to use! Check the video below or head to our youtube channel!

Droid Incredible 2.2 update happening RIGHT NOW!

Incredible users, your wait is over! As of right now, Verizon is pushing out the 2.2 update to your phones. Alongside the wait for that sweet tasty FroYo is news that Adobe’s Flash 10.1 will be installed in the update, and new Incredibles will have it pre-installed. Other features in the update include being Mobile

Motorola update schedule revised

There are many among us who are hungry. Hungry for their shiny new Android devices to get the update to 2.2, and even more for their 2.1 update. For one group especially, the wait has been long and full of promises and changes in release schedules. Motorola, one of the largest Android manufacturers has not

T-Mobile G2 will be the first HSPA+ phone!

By Russell H. Sr. Editor TDG Online The rumors regarding the “Vanguard” have been many, and they have been mighty. Songs of dual core, six screens, a spiked tail, and various other fantasy elements have clung to this device like you could only see in fairy tales. Well, speculation can end. The T-Mobile G2 is

TweetDeck Beta for Android Released!

Written by Elijah K. Writer TDG Online This is a day many of us have been waiting for. TweetDeck has arrived on Android. It may only be in beta form, but this app does. TweetDeck just tweeted the link to get into their public beta and you can download it right here. When the app

Google Mobile drops huge voice features!

The new shot around the world for two days now about a Google press conference, and no other real information. Speculation shot from being related to the Chrome update yesterday to some of the Gingerbread-esque features we saw at IO, and even Gingerbread itself. While the announcement was not nearly as epic as Gingerbread, we

Verizon confirms Froyo on the Droid 2!

The successor to what had been hailed as the most popular Android phone to date had been leaked, speculated on, deemed about, and probably even prayed on had been getting nothing but good attention from everyone. The information about the phone has varied I’m terms of size, speed, performance, and Version. An early morning press