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Supply chain sources claim Samsung is working on a 12 inch tablet

12 inch Samsung tablet

We have heard about Samsung’s plans to launch a 12 inch Android tablet in the past. And those rumors appear to be gaining more traction according to a new report. Taiwanese source Digitimes cites supply chain sources claiming that a large sized Samsung tablet is in the works. This tablet apparently was supposed to be co developed by Google, but given Google’s focus on the 7 inch tablet segment, Samsung will be developing the tablet on its own. There’s no word on when this could come to fruition, but we don’t see it happening anytime this year.

The tablet market is currently dominated by the iPads and 7 inch tablets, so it will be interesting to see how the market will react to a bigger tablet. It is being said that the notebook market could be impacted by such tablets, as most entry level notebooks/ultrabooks feature a 11 inch screen. Perhaps Samsung could try to bring in a 12 inch Galaxy Note tablet as rumored, which would certainly spice things up in the tablet segment.

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Samsung may be preparing 12.2-inch tablet with IGZO display and S-Pen support

Samsung is working on a 12.2 inch tablet, Korean website ET News reported over the weekend. Such tablet will allow the electronics giant to launch before Apple. Apple, for its part, is also rumored to be preparing a 12-inch tablet, but it will supposedly release the device in 2014. It will thus secure Samsung’s spot as the first company to release a slate in the 12-inch niche.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Citing unnamed industry sources, ET News claims that the upcoming mega-sized slates will have WQXGA displays with a native screen resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. Furthermore, it may feature Sharp’s Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) panels. Android Authority points out that a few months ago, Samsung invested in Sharp, provided that it will be able to take a look at IGZO display technology, as well as have a 3% stake.

Like the devices in the Note series, the rumored tablet will have support for the S-Pen stylus. This will not only facilitate input but will also allow users to enjoy apps that support handwriting and sketching.

ET News further claims that Samsung had been working on the 12-inch slates since the middle of 2012. However, with the then-rising popularity of 7-inch tablets, the 12-inch Galaxy Tab had to take the backseat momentarily.

Samsung’s decision to revive the 12-inch tablet idea, says ET News, is hinged on today’s trend of tablets taking over functions which were once exclusive to laptops. Tablets, ET News explains, are not invading the turf of notebook PCs, so a slate with a size closer to such notebooks would help Samsung compete in the heated competition in the electronics industry. ET News predicts that the large-sized tablets would be more affordable than notebook PCs. The combination of a budget-friendly price plus support for a stylus would mean a potential for their use as digital textbooks, as well.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s rival Apple is also allegedly readying a 12-inch version of the iPad, which is known for the time being as the iPad Maxi.

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