Smartphone Displays: Is the 1080p display really necessary?

When Verizon announced yesterday its new line-up of Droids, the Motorola Droid Mini, Ultra and Maxx, the most controversial design decision was the use of a 720p (720 x 1280 pixel resolution), instead of a 1080p (1080 x 1920 pixel resolution) display on the 5-inch Droid Ultra and Maxx. The Motorola X Phone to be

Alleged HTC M7 Picture/Render Leaks Out

HTC hasn’t quite made a mark on the world market with its 1080p offerings like the Droid DNA or the J Butterfly (and Butterfly). Which is why most of us are of the opinion that the company is preparing something major for the grand unveiling at MWC 2013. Since the past month or so, we’ve

LG Unveils Three New High Definition Display Panels at CES 2013

LG Electronics like Samsung is known for a wide range of electronics components, ranging from home appliances to smartphones. The South Korean manufacturer is also very popular for the display panels that it produces with Apple being one of its key clients (for iPhones and iPads). After Samsung announced its new display panels at CES

Sony Xperia Z To be Available in Europe on February 18?

The Sony Xperia Z and ZL were probably the best smartphones announced at CES, along with the flurry of smartphones announced by ZTE and Huawei of course. Sony’s offering (s) are particularly interesting because they appeal to a larger global audience, while companies like Huawei and ZTE have limited reach globally, although that could change

Sony Says Something Extraordinary Is On The Way

CES 2013 is off to an outstanding start. NVIDIA has unveiled the Tegra 4, the mobile chipset with a 72 core GPU and their all-in-one gaming device dubbed Project SHIELD. Sony seems to want to kick things up a notch though. The company sent out an email say “The extraordinary is coming.” The emails goes

LG Will Show Off A Variety of Display Panels at CES 2013

The rumor mill is currently crowded with all sorts of speculations and rumors for upcoming smartphones, especially the ones with 1080p displays. HTC has already shown us its offerings with the J Butterfly and the Droid DNA on Verizon, and so have Oppo and Huawei (at CES). But what about display tech giants like LG,

NVIDIA Tegra 4

NVIDIA Tegra 4 specs leaked online

A presentation slide has recently been leaked online showing specifications of what is believed to be the next-generation Tegra SoC (system-on-chip) from NVIDIA, otherwise known as NVIDIA Tegra 4. The slide was reportedly first seen in China and that it currently bears a codename “Wayne,” according to a report from Engadget. It wasn’t revealed what

Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W Hits Russian Market, Launches In Taiwan

Sharp’s Aquos Phone SH930W has been expected to become available in Russia since November, a few days after it was officially announced. However, there was some delay and the phone did not go on sale on schedule for reasons that Sharp did not disclose. Fortunately, those who have been wanting to get their hands on the

Oppo Launches Oppo Find 5 In Beijing

Oppo, the China-based electronics manufacturer, has just taken the wraps off its new flagship smartphone in Beijing, China. Called the Oppo Find 5, the product boasts of several powerful specifications. The Oppo Find 5 comes with a quad-core Qualcomm APQ8064 processor with a clock speed of 1.5GHz. As its name suggests, its screen spans 5

Samsung and LG to launch 1080p smartphones next year

We had previously heard rumors about HTC planning to make a 5 inch 1080p Android flagship device, but we were skeptical about the news. Nevertheless, both Sharp and Japan Display (JDI) confirmed the fact that they have begun mass producing ultra sharp panels and soon later HTC unveiled the HTC J Butterfly in Japan. HTC

Quad Core HTC Smartphone with 1080p Display For Verizon?

A new HTC quad core smartphone with 1080p display is said to have been revealed thanks to the GLBenchmark scores. This mystery HTC device sports the HTC6435 model number. The alleged HTC flagship, in addition to featuring state-of-the-art hardware is said to be running on Verizon’s network, though the details are a little scarce right