T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III Available For $98 On A New Two-Year Contract At Walmart

Those of you looking to upgrade your phone and are on the watch for a good deal, you may just want to check out Walmart, as they are offering the device for a mere $98 on a new two-year contract or as a qualifying upgrade. This isn’t looking like it’s a promotion either, so we may be seeing the $98 price tag for a while. I’d still take advantage of this discount as soon as possible if I were upgrading though. One thing that potential customers need to keep in mind is that Walmart only offers Classic plans through T-Mobile, so you will need to find out for yourself if the Classic plans are right for you as those plans tend to be a bit more pricey than T-Mobile’s value plans. Oddly enough, you don’t have to pay the extra $20 per month on the Classic plan though.

As a reminder, T-Mobile’s Galaxy S III already has Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, so you’ll be able to experience a lot of what the Galaxy Note II offers. More Galaxy Note II features will be coming to the S III in a feature update, as a “Premium Suite.” You can read more about that exciting update over here.

Are you going to be taking advantage of this deal from Walmart or are you going to be holding out and looking for something better as we get closer to Christmas and the New Year? Make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

source: Talk Android