T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II Shows Off For The Camera

Our good friend David at Tmonews put in a little Sunday to show off the Samsung Galaxy S II variant headed to T-Mobile.  There really is no doubt that the phone in the pictures is the Samsung Galaxy S II, I mean it says “Samsung Galaxy S II” and “T-Mobile” right on the back.

Either this is a very good photoshop job or we’re looking at the Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile.

T-Mobile was rumored to receive a “Samsung Hercules” which if all the sources are correct, is in fact the Samsung Galaxy S II.  There have been no photos of the software running on it or anymore info on a launch date in pricing.

The Samsung Galaxy S II has sold over 5 million units and hasn’t touched a US carrier just yet.  We’re feeling it’s any day now, but we also feel like we’ve been saying that for months.  Last week Samsung summoned the press to the Samsung Experience to show off TouchWiz for the Galaxy Tab 10.1.  We thought that they would give us a bonus nugget about the SGSII but that was to no avail.

source: Tmonews

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