T-Mobile Pre-Paid Users Will Now Get Rollover Data

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T-Mobile’s latest venture, Rollover Data, is clearly a hit with their postpaid user base. When the program was launched, T-Mobile gave all eligible users 10 GB of free rollover data and already 27% of those users have dipped into that bonus.

Now, T-Mobile is bring that feature to select prepaid plans as well. T-Mobile’s newly-promoted CMO, Andrew Sherrard, announced this in a blog post earlier today. If you are on an eligible prepaid Simple Choice plan, this feature will automatically be placed onto your account on March 22nd.

Just like with postpaid customers, prepaid users will also get 10 GB of free data to start out with. This data will last either until the end of the year or if it has been used up, whichever comes first.

“This month, we’re taking Data Stash even further. I’m happy to announce that, starting Sunday March 22nd, Data Stash will start rolling out to Simple Choice prepaid customers. Every single one of our prepaid voice customers with a qualifying Simple Choice plan will start out with a Starter Stash with up to 10 GB of 4G LTE data. And when that’s all used up, they’ll start rolling forward their unused data for use up to a full year. Automatically… and at no extra charge.”

Additionally, in the blog post, Sherrard took a bit of time to compare T-Mobile to their competitors, most specifically AT&T and Verizon.

“Data Stash is good for customers… and it’s good for the wireless industry, an industry that ranks right down there with cable and insurance companies in customer satisfaction ratings. And it’s precisely things like confiscating your customers’ data − data they’ve bought and paid for − that drives so much frustration with the carriers.”

So if you are on an eligible prepaid Simple Choice plan, you will get Data Stash and the 10 GB of free data this Sunday, March 22nd. How will you use this feature?

Source: T-Mobile via TmoNews