T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 Features Wi-Fi Calling

lumia 521

Customers will surely be pleased with the Nokia Lumia 521 which is exclusively offered by T-Mobile. This is because the carrier will be offering Wi-Fi calling features for the new phone in their next OTA update.

Basically the Wi-Fi talk feature will enable users to place a call in areas with little or no network coverage like basements and enclosed areas. Plus, this will conveniently let you communicate even when in an aircraft or a ship. All you need is a wireless router and an Internet connection to successfully make the call according to the T-Mobile website.

Aside from the advantage of calling even in areas where cell phone signal is poor or lacking, this will provide users ultimate ways to save too. For instance, if you are in France and you are calling in the US, the call you made will be deducted based on local fees only. Thus, you will effectively eliminate the roaming fees. In addition, this will allow you to send text messages too anywhere you want without the hurdles of international fees when abroad.

About the Nokia Lumia 521

Lately, the Nokia Lumia 521 smartphone has been selling like pancakes in various stores because it is the most affordable phone with Windows Phone 8 OS by far. On top of that, the features of the phone are decent in relation to its very cheap price of around $129.88 only at Walmart and with no contract obligations and flexible payments from T-Mobile. Almost all the stores that exclusively offered the smartphone has sold out their units within days only.

The OTA Upgrade

The over the air or OTA update for the Wi-Fi calling feature of the Nokia Lumia 521 will be made available on May 20, 2013 for those who already purchased their units from HSN, Walmart, T-Mobile and other authorized dealers based on the Ubergizmo report. Then, all the Nokia Lumia 521 phones which will be sold on May 22, 2013 will already come with the new feature added the source.

Sources: Ubergizmo and T-Mobile