T-Mobile Increases Regulatory Fees By 20 Cents

Don’t go all up and arms or anything like that. T-Mobile has been quietly letting customers know that they are increasing their regulatory fees from $1.1 per bill cycle per line to $1.61. This is only 20 cents and it doesn’t allow you to get out of your contract.

Regulatory fees are assessed by all wireless carriers to off-set fees that they must pay to local, state, and the federal government. Fees like E911 and other things are charged to T-Mobile as well as Verizon Wireless, Sprint and AT&T, and of course your other carriers as well. As Tmonews reports, previously a fee change like this would serve as an out for your contract however their newer contracts allow T-Mobile to change these fees without letting you out of the contract… and again it’s 20 cents.

T-Mobile will make this change on August 15, 2011 and if you are exempt from regulatory fees for whatever reason, your exemption will still stand.  See the whole FAQ at the source link.

Source: Tmonews