T-Mobile HTC One Update Accidentally Loses HDR Mode Of Camera

The HTC One software update from T-Mobile aimed to bring several fixes such as software stability, LTE and reception, and processor enhancements however there’s just one issue about it. Several people who have updated their device have noticed that the HDR mode for the still camera was missing. The setting is still present when taking videos but when taking photos it is missing.

htc one

Several members of the Android Central forums confirmed that right after they updated to the new software 1.27.531.11 the HDR mode went missing. Listed below are some of the things they had to say about this.

  • jayezgoing – Received the latest update last night and noticed that the hdr Option was missing. Anyone else noticed this?
  • roccom33 – Wow you’re right . The video HDR option is still there but the regular HDR option is gone.

An official statement released by HTC says that “A recent software update for the HTC One on T-Mobile USA provides a number of software fixes but it also inadvertently removes HDR mode from the camera settings. HTC is aware of this issue and will be pushing out a fix for impacted customers as soon as possible.”  

No exact schedule was set by the company as to when the fix will be arriving but we do hope that it arrives soon. The HDR mode is one of the best features of the HTC One which is what a lot of people are looking forward to.

via androidcentral