T-Mobile Galaxy S6/Galaxy S6 Edge will come with one year of free Netflix

T-Mobile Galaxy S6

Samsung fans now have more reasons to get the Galaxy S6 from T-Mobile now. The carrier has just announced that it will offer buyers of the Galaxy S6 a free year’s worth of Netflix subscription. This is an innovative way to lure customers of the upcoming Samsung flagship towards T-Mobile as Netflix is one of the most widely used TV streaming services in the U.S.

This essentially means that you’ll stand to save close to $96, at $7.99 per month which is the current monthly rental for Netflix. Not to mention the taxes that will be saved in this scenario, so it’s a very good plan overall.

There will also be the usual suite of freebies that Samsung often provides with the Galaxy flagships (known as Galaxy Gifts), but T-Mobile subscribers will have the added incentive of getting a free year of Netflix too.

The carrier is yet to give out details on the pricing or availability of the smartphone, but since April 10 is expected to be the global roll out date for the Galaxy S6, the carrier should offer more details subsequently.

Source: T-Mobile

Via: Android Central