T-Mobile Appears on 24/7 Wall Street list of companies that may go buh bye

Say it Ain’t So T-Mo

24/7 Wall Street a respected Wall Street Analyst firm issued their list of companies to watch out for… closing down this year. As expected Blockbuster, Reader’s Digest and BP are on the list, but T-mobile and Radio Shack also appeared on the list this year.

There’ s been wide-spread speculation that T-Mobile, Owned by Deutsche Telecom, was the target of a possible take-over, at least for US Operations. Although they operate on two totally different technologies, Sprint (S) has always been the top name on the last of possible take-over prospects. If Sprint were to buy or merge with T-Mobile they still wouldn’t have the subscriber base that Verizon and AT&T; have.

24/7 seems to think that if Sprint doesn’t buy T-Mobile perhaps Mexican Billionaire Mogul Carlos Slim, may buy it, he already owns Telcel and is allegedly worth more than Bill Gates. Problem is Slim has a great track record with American Technology companies, he was the controlling shareholder of failed CompUsa and also controlled a good portion of Circuit City.

24/7 goes on to say that T-mobile doesn’t have a 4G strategy, as we all know they are rapidly developing their HSPA network and in markets where it is up and running it’s getting greater speeds than in comparable markets with 4G/Wimax through Sprint and LTE test markets through Verizon.

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