T-Mobile Allowing Video Chat Over 3G/4G For Now

Many of you have been following the plight of Russell Holly over G-Talk with video over 3G on phones.  If that made no sense to you whatsoever, here is a bit of the back story.

When the Samsung Nexus S on T-Mobile received the update to Gingerbread 2.3.4 it included G-Talk with video. In theory, with this update, you would be able to video chat with your G-Talk contacts using your Nexus S Android phone, much in the same way you can on a computer.  After a very quick honeymoon with the video feature over T-Mobile’s 3G/4G network that quickly changed.  Many Android users became frustrated when they saw a message requiring wi-fi for this functionality.

When Geek.com writer and Android evangelist, Russell Holly noticed the problem he began to ping the T-Mobile USA official twitter account, run by Dan Anderson.  After a month of no replies on the issue Holly wrote about it in one of his freelance columns.

Phandroid is now reporting that they have received emails from Nexus S users that say that 3G video chatting is back on T-Mobile.  There’s nothing to suggest if this is permanent or a test, but for now this is great news.

Source: Phandroid