Switching from a Windows Phone to an Xperia device? Sony has you covered

Sony Xperia Transfer Mobile

With the launch of newer smartphones in the market, it’s imperative that there will be a large number of users migrating from rival platforms. And Sony is mindful of this fact as it has launched the Xperia Transfer Mobile app on Microsoft’s Windows Phone app store, allowing new owners of Xperia devices to transfer contacts, messages, calendar info, media and other content from the old Windows Phone handset.

Sony already provides this solution for users of BlackBerry smartphones and iPhones, so it was only a matter of time before Windows Phone users received the same treatment. Customers usually have concerns about switching to another platform with the fear of losing data and content. But apps like these make the decision to switch a lot easier and hassle free.

To successfully transfer contents from a Windows Phone, users will need the Xperia Transfer cable to connect the Windows Phone and the Xperia device directly. This can be purchased separately and is essential in the transfer of data to your new Xperia device.

You can download the Xperia Transfer Mobile app from the Windows Phone store today.

Source: Windows Phone

Via: Xperia Blog