SwiftKey Sends Out Holiday Email, Hints At Big Things in 2013 For The Predictive Virtual Keyboard


SwiftKey sent out a Happy Holidays email today notifying their beta subscribers that SwiftKey was 50% off. Not only did that mention that, but the company also hinted that the they were working with “big companies” to bring the keyboard to new device owners straight out of the box. They didn’t mention much more than this, but I almost wonder if SwiftKey will soon begin replacing Swype and becoming more widespread than it already is? There isn’t a whole lot to speculate here aside from who they could be working with. I highly doubt it would be Samsung though, as they have their own type of a predictive keyboard. Granted, I could be totally wrong on that.

It will be interesting to see what SwiftKey has in store for its customers in 2013, as they mentioned that “we’re working on some exciting new product areas that we’ll reveal throughout 2013.”

Personally, I can’t wait to see if SwiftKey will actually become a virtual keyboard installed on new devices straight out of the box.