Survey shows readers use browsers to read news more often than apps

Many news agencies have poured money on creating their own news apps to run Android, iOS, WP7, and even webOS to deliver news content to their readers, but a new survey shows that the effort may not be as rewarding as it appears to be. According to the report of Pew Research Center, tablet and smartphone users still prefer the more traditional way of getting news through browsers instead of using dedicated apps from their favorite news sources.

The survey result shows that 61 percent of smartphone users who read news indicated they get news content through web browsers. Sixty percent of tablet owners also derive news through web browsers on their device. Only 23 percent of tablet users read news through apps while 28 percent of smartphone users do. About 16 percent of tablet and11 percent of smartphone users confirmed they use both apps and web browsers equally.

The said survey also shows that mobile makes readers read more news that they usually do. Tablet users said that their device added their news reading time while about a third of survey respondents with tablets  said they get more news from other sources that did not use before.

About 24 percent of the respondents who also have print subscriptions said they would not consider switching to digital subscriptions anytime soon.

Tablet owners also show they get news content on both their tablets and smartphones. Fifty-four percent of tablet owners indicated that they also use their smartphones to read news,  77 percent use PCs, and 50 percent get it on print. About 25 percent of the tablet owners say they get their news using all four platforms, PC, tablets, smartphones, and print.

The study also shows that mobility is not a factor for respondents to read news at home using their devices. Most respondents indicated they read news on their devices at home, and only about half of them do so once every day. Most people read news on smartphones between 8 in the morning and 12 in the afternoon, while tablet users usually read news heavily between 5 in the afternoon until 8 in the evening.

iPad users tend to use their tablets to read news while Android tablet users would prefer using their device for social networks.

Another tidbit from the study shows that about 75 percent of tablet owners will most likely use their devices to read news at least once every week, which means that news reading is as popular an activity as email reading or playing games.

Almost half of American adults today own a smartphone or a tablet and majority of them get news from their mobile devices. This number is up significantly from a similar study by Pew Research from the previous year.

The survey targeted about 9,513 adults all across the United States and was conducted online between June and August 2012.

One thing is for sure though: mobile devices like tablets and smartphones are increasing the amount of news people are getting.

source: CNN