Surgery performed while doctor wears Google Glass

google-glass-medical When Google asked the world what they would do with Google Glass, lots of different celebrities, professionals and everyday people decided to try and grab a pair by giving Google the most unique answer on how it would change their life. Dr. Christopher Kaeding was one of the lucky Google Glass winners, who decided the new glass gadget would work well in a medical environment, with cutting edge technology and point of view camera.

During the operation, Dr. Kaeding streamed the video live to several students who are studying medical degrees and courses. This type of hands-on lesson is something Kaeding would be incapable to do unless he had the point of view camera on Google Glass.


The question is what more can be done in the medical field, with Google Glass’ mini-screen capable of showing X-rays, medical records and other information about the patient. With voice recognition and quick scrolling, the doctor is capable of getting information quickly and digesting it on the screen without blocking his field of view.

This is a big step in the medical industry and Google Glass could be a potential breakthrough, imagine if the doctor could stream the video live to all the different medical staff in the room, who all have Google Glass and are looking at their own information. With GlassWare, a third party development group could make an app suitable for Google Glass in medical wards. This would be a private app, for hospital staff and others in the medical field.