The Superbook can transform any Lollipop running phone into a computer

The Superbook

Over the coming days, a new Kickstarter campaign for the #Superbook will go live, bringing the power of a computer to your Android 5.0+ running smartphone. This is a $99 device that comes with a laptop shell and an array of Android specific hardware buttons. All you have to do is connect your smartphone via micro USB or USB Type-C to the Superbook and you will find a refined notebook experience based on Android.

This won’t just be a resized version of Android, though. Instead, users will get access to a unique new operating system called Andromium, which is based on Android. The key goal of Andromium is to bring a sophisticated laptop/notebook experience using your standard Android device. While the beta is available for download right away, the full version will be made available exclusively to backers of the Superbook.

For $99, you’re getting a 11.6-inch 1366 x 768 resolution display, which will replicate the contents of your phone. The Kickstarter page isn’t live yet, but you can sign up from the company’s website to receive updates on the campaign.

Source: GetSuperbook

Via: Android Central