Study: More Women Update Their Facebook Status In The Bathroom

AIS Media, a digital and social media agency, has just completed a survey on social media habits.  They conducted the survey earlier this month and included 500 respondents in the sample. Of the 500 respondents 27% of them said that they update their Facebook status while going to the bathroom. Of those 27%, 54% of them were women. Among those who honestly answered the question, the highest demographic for in bathroom status updating were between the ages of 30-49. We can’t help but speculate there are people that lied in the survey omitting such an intimate detail of their lives.

Most people have had the experience of sitting down in a bathroom stahl to hear the person next to them talking to themself when really they are having a conversation on their cell phone. Now, with the popularity of Smartphones and even feature phones it’s easy to multi-task online while you are doing your business.

No one wants to be the guy, or in this case the girl, at the office who grabs a magazine before heading into the bathroom.  A

The CEO of AIS Media, Thomas Harpointer said “While it may seem humorous to survey people about their Facebook usage while in the bathroom, the results underscore the proliferation of consumer social media usage and their strong need to stay connected”… “For businesses and brands, social media offers an opportunity to engage potential customers like never before.”

Source: Openpr

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  1. With all the new lipsitick formulas that actually “stay on”, maybe we’ve got extra time to do this with no interferences? I don’t know; have never done this myself.

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