With all the constant updates and compatibility issues, we understand that you might come across issues with your Android device.  TheDroidGuy has been listening to the users with the most common issues and have gathered the best solutions for the problems you may come across.

Having problems with your Android smartphone?  Here are some of the most common Android issues:

Phone Won't Turn On Troubleshooting

Phone Not Charging Troubleshooting

Text Not Sending Troubleshooting

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  1. I dropped my galaxy Samsung s7 edge phone and I did the holding buttons and nothing happens still flickering green and I don’t get anything else

  2. When I compose email messages and send them, I have no problem when I send them to individual recipients. However, when I want to send the message to the same individuals altogether, I get “failed” in my message box. I cannot seem to mail to multiple recipients, and have to resort to group texting. I have a Samsung Galaxy Luna. Please help.

  3. THANK YOU DROID GUY!!! Teaching me how to start my Galaxy S5 in Recovery Mode saved me a trip to the phone store and got me back in business (literally) today. Your site is OUTstanding!
    Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!!!

  4. I bought a new phone Samsung galaxy on NXT and I am not able to access Facebook on my new phone either using Facebook app or Facebook Lite app and not even by using the browser like Google Chrome. Please help me out.

  5. I don’t have a problem because I don’t have a phone yet. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on a phone, so I want the best place for price on a refurbished phone. i’ve been trying to read on different droid phones that have voice texting for me, good camera, i do a lot of pic taking, battery, storage, ext. can you help me out and guide to a nice phone little money. Thanks so much for your help!!! Also I head that cricket is very reasonable for their service, i have consumer Cellular. to compare!!!

  6. Need help; my phone it is a tecno h6 it suffers a network problem and a bluetooth doesnt work what might the cause and how do you help me?

  7. hope you can help as of the last system update for galaxy s5. and so the delete from server function is now missing from the built in email ap. so when you delete from phone whike using the email app it will not delete from server. and yes my sync function is turned on. I’ve even done retire to factory setting no change. I’ve also talked to Verizon and whike I was on the phone with level 2 tech support he had another tech try it on his samsung note does the sane thing. tried talking to ssamsung. there tech are worlwss. I know more than they do. so until I find a solution I go into my email thru the Web browser. since the function is now missing. I am at a loss. hope you can help.

  8. I’ve samsung s6
    When i click software update, the nothing happen after i did it.
    I mean software update nothing pop up when i clicked it

    Sorry bad engl

  9. hello sir,
    i have a samsung s6 edge sm-g925a purchased from vendor. i had recently upgrade it to nougat.
    but dont know what had happened it got booted but asking for samsung id which was used for activation. and for that i had never used samsung id, i had activated with google id .so plz tell me is it been locked by carrier or the phone got locked

  10. Hello, please I need help. My s7 edge’s memory got filled up on its own even when I deleted an app of over 1gb, it just got back to showing me “storage space running out ” after some hours after it was left idle.

  11. My Galaxy s5 will not start easily or stay running reliably. It will try to reboot on its own until it depletes the battery. It freezes indiscriminately. Sometimes, it makes a screachy noise and shows some messed up pixels on the screen. Here’s what I have done so far:
    !. Tried a soft reboot with the battery out and power button depleted of any lingering charge. Used an alternate Samsung charger and charged 10 hours
    2. Inspected and gently cleaned battery terminals.
    3. Tried to operate in safe mode to check on errant apps
    4. Installed Samsung Smart Switch on pc and backed up phone data
    5. Executed a factory level reset which helped moderately
    6 Executed a second backup and factory reset after trouble started again.
    I did this all on m own with guidance from tech support and the community. I went to 2 t-Mobile stores for help and they just blinked at me. Nothing has worked. I am a 58-year-old woman.This is literally my first smart phone I need my phone to work. It is only 15 months old and I can’t afford another one. HELP!
    This is literally my first smart phone

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