Square Expands To OfficeMax Stores And Others

Square, the company that took the Mobile micro-transfer by storm is expanding to now sell its Square card readers at OfficeMax as well as some UPS stores. Already sold at Apple and Best Buy retail stores, as well as during the holidays the Salvation Army used besides taking cash from customers. With an already massive growth in 2011, to ballon to an approximate valuation of around 1 Billion, ringing in 2012 with multiple new deals will provide more justificate to its valuation. As well as the 14 Million in transactions they do daily, up from 4 million in July.

With the growth of entering such stores as OfficeMax and selling for $10 and then giving a $10.00 credit, Square looks like it can’t be stopped. Looking forward on the application aspect, more in depth analytics as well as a refinded user system is on its way.

When asked about when a possible upcoming Android tablet application would come around Keith Rabois was quoted as saying,

 If there is an Android tablet that has traction, Square will invest in a comparable Android tablet offering.

In other words, no time soon would we ever see an Android tablet version to rival its iPad version.

Source: TechCrunch