Sprint will cut your monthly bill in half if you switch over from AT&T or Verizon


In order to gain more traction in the highly competitive American cellular industry, Sprint has decided to target customers of Verizon Wireless and AT&T with the allure of having their current monthly bills cut by half if they jump ship. This essentially means that you will have to pay half of what you’re currently spending on your carrier right now. Sprint mentions that it will offer up to $350 to pay up the ETF and other fees for the source carrier if necessary, thus making the switch less tedious for the customers.

Sprint also promises to match the plans offered by its rivals, although this has to be ascertained in due time. However, coverage areas and data speeds might be a bit of a concern for new customers of Sprint. So if you’re not willing to look over these obstacles, the deal might not sound as appealing. Also, customers will have to pay for the new phone that they buy on Sprint, which is not discounted under this plan.

In order to get started with the process, customers can upload a copy of their current bill on Sprint’s dedicated Half Price page (link below) starting Friday. Alternatively, customers can also walk into a physical Sprint outlet with a bill and pick out a suitable bill plan.

Are you impressed with Sprint’s latest deal?

Source: Sprint

Via: Android Police