Sprint Tops Customer Satisfaction Survey And First Call Resolution

Vocal Labortories or Vocalabs for short, is the company that calls you with the automated survey after dealing with customer service for the four major carriers. They’ve just released their data for the fourth quarter of 2010. Sprint moved to first place, dethroning Verizon who actually ended up in fourth place based on the survey calls immediately following a customer service interaction.

71% of the Sprint customers in the survey sample said they were “Very Satisfied” with the service they recieved from Sprint’s customer service. AT&T and Tmobile tied for second place while Verizon slipped to fourth.

Sprint also ranked first in the “first call resolution” category meaning that a customers issue was resolved on their first call or interaction with customer service. It’s this statistic that is directly tied into customer retention and churn.¬† These results mark the 12th straight quarter that Sprint has seen improvement in customer satisfaction and first call resolution which is the key factor behind postpaid churn.

Since 2007 when Dan Hesse fully took ove as CEO of Sprint, he has preached what an important role customer service is in the big picture for Sprint, the last 3 years improvements in customer service have clearly shown he was right.

Source: Businesswire

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