Sprint Raising ETF’s Just In Time For Galaxy S II?

If a post on the Sprint User Form, allegedly from an employee of Sprint has any merit than we may see a sizable increase in Early Termination Fees at Sprint.

Sprint currently has a $200 Early Termination Fee (ETF) for those who abandon their Sprint contract before the two years is over. The ETF is in place to off-set the cost of  the customers device along with the money that Sprint has invested in each customer.  With the increase in both cost and quality for today’s super smart phones, this move actually makes good business sense, although we don’t want to hear it.

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As one of the Sprint users on the users group points out. Nowadays you can pick up an Evo 4g on a promotion for a new 2 year customer under $100.  Cancel your contract, pay the ETF and you can still sell a brand new Evo 4G with a clean ESN for nearly $600, that could mean an instant $300 in profit.  It’s things like this that also contribute to the alleged increase.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed via Sprint’s PR department, the Sprint insider says that this change will take place on September 9th which will coincide with the heavily rumored launch of the Samsung Epic Touch 4G, Sprint’s variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II.

source: Sprint Users Group via Phonearena

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