Sprint prepaid users now getting rollover data


Sprint has just announced that customers of its qualifying prepaid plans will be able to get their unused data rolled over to the next month. Users will be able to bank up to 30GB of data this way with no expiration on them.

AT&T and T-Mobile’s offerings on the other hand, expire after a month and a year respectively. This will encourage more users to join Sprint’s prepaid networks, with plans starting from $35.

The offer is only available from Best Buy in the U.S., so make sure you head over to your nearest outlet to make use of this new promo. The carrier makes it abundantly clear that customers who have signed up for any of the prepaid plans on or before 31 May will not be eligible for the rollover data. These customers will have to sign up with a qualifying data plan again to make use of these benefits.

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Source: Sprint

Via: Android Headlines