Sprint Prepaid officially launched with plans starting from $45 per month


Sprint has made some changes to its prepaid offering starting with a re-branding of the service. Previously known as Sprint As You Go, it’s now simply known as Sprint Prepaid. Smartphone plans begin from $45 per month while basic phone plans start from even cheaper at $35 per month. Sprint Prepaid currently supports the Moto G, the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Galaxy S4 mini with Sprint Spark as well as the three year old iPhone 4s.

The $45 smartphone plan offers unlimited text/voice and data over Wi-Fi. While $60 per month will give you all the features from the entry level plan but with 2.5GB of cellular data as well. If you’re a basic phone user, $35 per month will fetch you 500 voice minutes, unlimited texts and 2G data. However, $50 per month will give you a fully unlimited plan with voice, texts as well data. These plans will serve a wide range of users who want to get Sprint’s services but aren’t willing to sign a lengthy duration of contract. The carrier is expected to add more devices to the list to make the plans more attractive to potential customers.

Source: Sprint

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  1. At 45/month can they compete with others? Is ChitChat still around? They were the ones at like 10/month, right? I know there are a few in the 20-25/month range too.

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