Sprint Post Paid And Prepaid Recognized By JD Power & Associates

Last week Sprint was ranked highest among full service providers in JD Power & Associates Wireless Purchase Experience Study.

Sprint ranked first in the study which takes into consideration people who have had a sales experience with Sprint, or the other full service carriers, in the last six months. Data from web sales, telesales, and direct in-store experiences is all considered in the study. From those sources JD Power & Associates takes into consideration: sales staff, phone reps. websites, price, promotion, cost of service and store facility. Although Sprint was in a tie for first place JD Power & Associates said Sprint led the industry in website buying experience.

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Sprint’s Ready Now program, coincidentally introduced three years ago this week, has been instrumental in the success of Sprint’s overall customer experience.  Ready Now is initiative by Sprint to insure that all customers leave the store with a working phone and a working knowledge of that phone. Sprint reps will power the phone on, activate it, perform test calls and answer all questions the customer has before they leave the store.  In addition they may transfer contact lists, set up email accounts and show customers how to do whatever it is they want to do with their new device.  With the rise in popularity in smartphones this is a crucial piece of the customer experience.

“We are pleased to see that the hard work of our retail employees and commitment to offering all customers an exceptional retail experience is being recognized,” said Jaime Jones, senior vice president-Consumer Sales, Sprint. “Hiring, training and a commitment to employee development, along with Ready Now, a variety of devices and great value pricing are a few of the key factors that have made customers come to Sprint and stay with us. We will continue to make customer satisfaction our top priority.”

The good news from JD Power & Associates didn’t stop there.

Boost Mobile, one of Sprint’s main prepaid brands was ranked highest in Customer Service Performance and Purchase Experience among non-contract wireless providers.  With this award Boost beat out prepaid sister company Virgin Mobile as well.  This is the third recognition that Boost Mobile has received from JD Power & Associates this year.

“We recognize that interest in no-contract plans continue to grow as consumers across the nation are rationalizing their monthly wireless expenses and looking for opportunities to save real money,” said Andre Smith, vice president-Boost Mobile. “Receiving three J.D. Power and Associates awards in less than one year demonstrates Boost Mobile’s commitment to enhance our experience and become the best viable option for customers searching for unlimited no-contract offers.”

As more American’s become cost conscious about their wireless bill they seem to be migrating to more prepaid services. Long gone are the days when prepaid phones were referred to as “burners” and replaced “beepers” on metropolitan streets.  Boost Mobile offers a $50 a month unlimited plan with shrinkage.  Boost’s shrinkage program rewards customers by discounting monthly service for on-time payments.

Prepaid sales have taken a greater role in Sprint’s overall earnings over the past few quarters.

Source: Sprint