Sprint Lone Carrier On New Mobile Security Council

We are reporting on Android Malware and other security factors way more often than we’d like to. Naturally when you’re activating over half a million Android devices per day, the risk for security threats increases as well. Factor in the amount of iPhone users (and of course Blackberry and Windows Phone users) than you’ll see the need for the newly created Mobile Security Council.

The Mobile Security Council is responding to a growing trend where security threats on traditional networks connecting PCs, servers and laptops are migrating to mobile networks because mobile is where the market is growing, says Mark Yarkosky, director of product development for Sprint.

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Yarkosky cited findings by anti-virus vendor McAfee who’s been in the network, IT and computer security business since 1987 and naturally has evolved to develop products for mobile devices as well. McAfee said in July that they had seen a 76% growth in Android malware in just the first quarter of 2011.

Sprint co-founded the Mobile Security Council with industry leaders Samsung, Motorola, IBM, Juniper Networks, Lookout, Cisco Systems and IBM. Sprint is hopeful that other carriers will join them on the New Mobile Security council as it’s an issue that impacts all OEM’s and all carriers.

As a carrier Sprint already offers mobile security solutions by Good Technology, McAfee and Lookout Yarkosky said “Our open philosophy is not to select one and force customers to use it. We want customers to be able to go with the names that are familiar,”  Yarkosky hopes all mobile security providers join the council;

“It’s a collaborative effort of multiple companies and we ask them to take off their corporate hats when they walk in the room”

source: Networkcomputing