Sprint LG Optimus G Now Available For Pre-Order

Here we are on the 1st of November, and this means a few different things. The first being that there is only eight more days until the Galaxy Note II releases on AT&T, the second thing is that The Hobbit movie is coming out in a month (that’s not really tech related it it?) and lastly, today is the official pre-order date for the Sprint variant of the LG Optimus G! We all have known that the Optimus G was on its way for quite a while now, but being true to their word, the Optimus G can be pre-ordered today on an all-new 2-year contract for $199. Being a somewhat worthy competitor to the Galaxy S III, some of you are going to be seriously thinking about this bad boy.

As you can imagine, the LG Optimus G is a massive phone in the smartphone market when it comes down to hardware. LG’s newest flagship device is packing a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, 2GB of Ram, a beautiful 4.7-inch IPS+ display along with a 13-megapixel camera on board. Of course, you may just find that you would prefer the Galaxy Note II that Sprint has also just recently released on their network. Then again, if you aren’t into the larger display, LG’s Optimus G might be the perfect fit for you.

As you can imagine, the specs are probably the best part of this device. Again, if you are into the best-of-the-best hardware, this phone should be a no brainer for you. Of course, you should be checking out a few reviews on the phone before picking it up. Android Central and Droid-Life have put together a very well written review on the LG Optimus G detailing near every aspect of the smartphone. Nevertheless, Sprint does have this guy available for pre-order, and if you want to give get this bad boy, you can hint the pre-order link below to take a look on Sprint’s website.

Keep in mind that AT&T started up their pre-orders for the device a couple of weeks ago and are preparing for a release tomorrow (Friday, November 2nd). Of course, you may just want to pick yourself up a Nexus 4 instead as the Nexus 4 is heavily based off of the Optimus G. That said, those of you who would love to have stock or “Vanilla” Android might just want to hold out until November 13th when that device officially releases. Keep in mind that it is an unlocked device, so it is compatible with hundreds of different networks. You won’t be able to take advantage of LTE though, and for pretty obvious reasons.

All in all, the LG Optimus G is available for pre-order, it is a really good device and will be officially releasing later this month.

Are you going to be picking up LG’s new flagship device, the Optimus G? Do you think that this bad boy is a formidable competitor with the Galaxy S III or do you think that the Galaxy S III has the advantage?

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