Sprint has made their Unlimited Data plans cheaper for families

Sprint Store

As the fourth largest carrier since last summer, Sprint faces an uphill battle in regaining customers who have defected to another carrier. With their latest deal, Sprint hopes to get whole families to switch from another carrier or change their existing plans.

For a limited time starting February 12th, families on Sprint will be able to get unlimited minutes, texts, and LTE data for $37.50, as long as they have two lines or more. According to Sprint’s numbers, a family of four could potentially save up to $360 per year on this plan than others.

Before and after this discount is over, Sprint’s unlimited data plans usually cost $45 per line, so you will save $30 per month if you have a family of four on Sprint because of this deal. You also get unlimited LTE data, which is a great bonus.

The pricing itself is rather simple, before you add in installments. A single line costs $75, while two and three lines will set you back $120 and $150, respectively. The fourth line (if you need one) will be free, while any others up to 10 lines total will cost an extra $30 each.

In addition to the unlimited LTE data for the devices themselves, everyone will get 3 GB of hotspot data every month and unlimited 2G speed data in countries that are part of their Sprint Global Roaming feature.

So if you’re looking for a better deal than the carrier you’re currently on, and Sprint has service in your area, this is a really good temporary deal. Either call Sprint or head to a store starting February 12th to see if you can take advantage of it.

Via: Android Central