Sprint fined $7.5 million by the FCC for Do-Not-Call violations

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America’s third largest carrier, Sprint has landed into new trouble as the FCC has fined them $7.5 million for Do-Not-Call related violations. Customers have reportedly been getting calls from telemarketers and other ad groups despite opting to be put on the Do-Not-Call list, which is why Sprint has been pulled up by the FCC.

It is said that the fine levied on Sprint is the biggest ever for such a violation, so it seems like Sprint hasn’t been adhering to the regulations for quite a while. They have been asked to name a new Senior Manager to ensure that rules aren’t violated henceforth. The carrier is also expected to start a training program to make sure that customer requests are honored and such mistakes do not occur again.

If the carrier makes any violations in the future, they will have to be reported to the FCC. The authorities are expecting a report from Sprint on this within 90 days, followed by yearly reports for the next couple of years. It’s clear that Sprint is in the wrong here as the fine imposed on the carrier is substantially bigger than what’s usually associated with such violations.

Source: FCC

Via: Phone Scoop