Sprint finally decides to kill 2-year contracts


Only a few months after reintroducing 2-year contract agreements for phones, #Sprint has now decided to kill it off for good. A new leaked internal memo has surfaced online, which makes the carrier’s intentions quite clear. Sprint maintains that this will only apply to smartphones, while tablets will still be up for grabs with a 2-year agreement. These changes will come into effect on August 26.

Sprint employees are now directed to push customers towards monthly installment plans, which seems to be the logical step here. This means that only Verizon will now offer 2-year agreements on phones among the top 4 carriers in the U.S.

Sprint’s dwindling sales and revenues are finally beginning to show in the company’s new policies. As the carrier slipped down to the fourth place (thanks largely to T-Mobile’s aggressive push of its services), the going has been pretty tough for Sprint. Would this change in strategy (again) turn the tide in Sprint’s favor? Only time will tell.

Via: Phone Arena