Sprint and Bell Drop Galaxy Tab to $199 On Contract

It seems like just last November Samsung was bringing the first true Android tablet to market in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Actually it was November when they did that. When the 7″ Android 2.2 Froyo tablet was released the pricing was near $600 US and actually $649 at Bell in Canada. Well fast forward 5 months and Bell has reduced the price of the Galaxy Tab off contract to $399.95 and on contract to $199.95 (Canadian of course).

Sprint has followed suit and dropped the price of the current Samsung Galaxy Tab to $199 on a new two-year agreement.

Samsung has actually dictated this pricing on their own merit because, as we saw at CTIA they have both a 10.1″ Samsung Galaxy Tab and an 8.9″ Samsung Galaxy Tab waiting in the wings. The latter to be released June 8th while the 8.9 is due early summer. Both of these new Galaxy Tabs are lighter and thinner than the current Android tablets out there, like the Motorola Xoom. They are also both rocking Honeycomb (Android 3.0).

Sprint is also making way for the recently announced HTC View 4G which is the HTC Flyer relabeled for Sprint. That tablet seems to be Sprint’s flagship tablet as we prepare to go into the summer of the tablet.  HTC and Sprint have dubbed their high end Android line “Evo” similar to that of Motorola and the “Droid” Line (although there are two HTC phones and now a Samsung phone labeled Droid).

So the moral of this story is that if you’re looking for a rock solid 7″ tablet that is available now in North America, please proceed quickly to the nearest Sprint (or if you’re in Canada) Bell location, eh?

Source: Unwired

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