Spotify Browse playlist feature coming to Android soon


Spotify is hard at work trying to develop the perfect playlist system for users, they started with Facebook social recommendations, then moved onto full-algorithm searches and now they have a mix of both with Browse and featured playlists.

Coming first to Android and iOS, followed by other supported platforms, Spotify Browse is set to be the next big feature on the music service. Android and iOS take up the bulk of Spotify’s audience, but we still see more iOS buyers even with the bigger Android userbase.

Spotify has had huge community playlist use and is finally trying to make this a feature. With the thousands of playlists made over the years by millions of Spotify users, curation of good playlists with Spotify Browse becomes much easier and more human.

Integration with friends, music experts and radio shows will bring Spotify Browse content up to scratch and will make curation and quality ideal. We believe this is the start of a huge movement to make finding the perfect song for the perfect time simple.

Spotify was one of the first music streaming services that got hugely popular, with co-founder of Napster Sean Parker backing the project early on and continuing to be a part of the action in securing US funding and support.

However, competition is starting to arise in the mobile arena, Pandora is the big rival, but Rdio, Google All Access Music, iTunes Radio and other offerings are heating up the battle, especially with multiple different price points and features.

Source: The Verge