Sports+, Not Just About Stats Anymore

There are many different apps out these days in the area of sports claiming to put you right there in the action. That can keep you in touch with your favorite teams from hockey to professional soccer. Now while that is all well and good, for many people that is not enough, they want  that next level of experience as if they are literally right there with their team. Sports+ gives that experience in an interesting fashion allowing the user to become the reporter.

You can do this in a few different ways. Inside you will notice several different feeds with stories, whether they be member created, those uploaded by official news sources such as ESPN and the like, or just tweets from the athletes themselves. They are separated down into several categories, “Everything” which is all the feeds fused into one, “Following” which is all stories you are looking into, and finally all the leagues separated into their own individual streams. The streams themselves are very user friendly and are continuously  being updated so you will never have to sit there waiting for a new story to come rolling in, there is always something to do or read about. There are further drop down menus including a “Games” menu so that you can check the games played recently and see how your home team is fairing, a “Topics” menu so you can see topics pertaining specifically to your favorite teams, and of course a “You” menu where you can update your profile–because what social app would be complete without a profile.

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The professional stories done by the news sources are enough if all you want is to get a touch up on whats going on with your favorite team, however if you want to go further, at the bottom of the posts before the member comments you can hit “read more…” and it will launch you to where the story was originally written on the web. You will have to keep your eyes open for it though, the link blends into the text and someone who is not paying attention may pass it by. It is a minor annoyance if one at all though so I wouldn’t let it deter you from downloading it.

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Where you truly start to get into the territory of becoming the reporter are the member posts. Beginning your own post is incredibly simple. There is a button at the top that you press and it asks you which league you would like to comment about. Once you have decided it opens up a page with a story ready to be posted with an image already selected for your convenience. Now if that is to easy for you and you want to write the story yourself no problem, you have that option. You can take a picture for it yourself if you like or you can surf their galleries until you find an image you approve of. Once ready to go can upload it and wait for the member responses to come rolling in.

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All in all it seems like an interesting app, allowing for more interaction than some of the previous apps where in they would just post the scores and you would be forced to settle with that. The idea is definitely a good one, especially if you are stuck at work during the big game. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have one of the reporters at the game giving you a live picture feed. You can also use those social networking mediums we love so much to alert your Facebook and Twitter about the amazing story you just wrote, or share a noteworthy story you just read with everyone. And just so you never feel left out of the conversation, if you decide to “like” one of the posts and someone new decides to post something on it, you have the option of allowing Sports+ to notify you as to whats going on. This app seems to be one of those apps that either you love or hate. I have read some complaints about it and for the most part they seem to revolve around the fact that there are just not enough sports available. Although this may be true now, Hitpost Inc. has already released that this will be rectified shortly with additions the likes of PGA Golf and so on to their app. So if you are getting tired of just seeing stats on your app or just want to try something new, give Sports+ a try, it may be what you have been looking for.

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